KG Body introduces a workshop series for its last month at SLT

Katherine Greiner

(Photo Credit: Evan Taylor Gunville)

SLT’s decision to move its Midtown studio means the end of SLT Yoga after October—and it also means Katherine Greiner’s dance cardio method, KG Body, will have to find a new home.

But before she ships out of the space, Greiner is hosting a three-part workshop series on three Saturdays in October. All sessions will involve lots of (easy to follow) dance cardio, and each will focus on a separate strength element—upper body, lower body, and core.

“Many of us go through life knowing how to use our iPhone better than we know how to use our body,” Greiner says. “This three-part series will focus on bringing a heightened awareness to ourselves during purposeful, healthy, movement.”

Bonus: it will also include giveaways and discounts from brands like Splits59, Runa Tea, KIND, and Hint Water.

No word yet on where Greiner will take her classes after the month ends. —Lisa Elaine Held

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